New PDF release: 1066: The Hidden History in the Bayeux Tapestry

By Andrew Bridgeford

ISBN-10: 0802777422

ISBN-13: 9780802777423

For greater than 900 years the Bayeux Tapestry has preserved one in all history's maximum dramas: the Norman Conquest of britain, culminating within the dying of King Harold on the conflict of Hastings in 1066. Historians have held for hundreds of years that the majestic tapestry trumpets the distinction of William the Conqueror and the positive Normans. yet is that this precise? In 1066, a super piece of historic detective paintings, Andrew Bridgeford unearths a truly diverse tale that reinterprets and recasts the main decisive 12 months in English history.

Reading the tapestry as though it have been a written textual content, Bridgeford discovers a wealth of recent info subversively and ingeniously encoded within the threads, which seems to be to undermine the Norman viewpoint whereas providing a mystery story undetected for centuries-an account of the ultimate years of Anglo-Saxon England really various from the Norman version.

Bridgeford brings alive the turbulent eleventh century in western Europe, an international of formidable warrior bishops, courtroom dwarfs, ruthless knights, and strong girls. 1066 bargains readers a unprecedented surprise-a publication that reconsiders a long-accepted masterpiece, and sheds new gentle on a pivotal bankruptcy of English heritage.

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