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Checkmate! those fun-filled mind teasers increases your ability. each one chessboard puzzle has its items in a especially conceived tricky association. you want to whole a given job in a particular variety of strikes: "White to play and mate in 5 strikes, " for instance. a few puzzles sharpen either your protecting and offensive acumen, and lots of specialize in your endgame-the most crucial part of chess. recommendations are within the again. a hundred and forty four pages, 2 hundred colour illus., five 3/8 x eight 1/4.

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Could White have avoided the loss of a Pawn here without the exchange 16 BxKN? Let us exam­ ine the position. Black threatens 16 . . PxP. The exchange 16 .. BxQN does not help, for after 16 . . QxB, the White N ( R2 ) is attacked: 17 N-Bl , PxP; 18 PxP, Q-R4 eh. The only possibility seems to be the sham sacrifice : 16 P-B6. What follows must be calculated exactly, as accidental combinations reign the field : 16 . . QxP; 17 QxQ, BxQ; 18 P-N5, N-B4; 19 PxB, GAME 2 20 RxN; 20 RxP. How can this posi­ tion be judged?

P-N4, White can reply 20 B-K5, followed by 21 N-R5 eh. White's moves are directed against potential threats. These moves have taken the force out of . . P-N4. Now let us suppose 19 . . P­ N4; 20 B-K5, K-N3. White can­ not then reply 21 N-R5, but he can exploit the favorable position of the Knight in another way : 2 1 BxP! ( a notable sham sacrifice ) , BxB; 22 PxP eh, K-B2; 23 PxB eh and not only has White won a Pawn but also his Knight is ready to threaten the Black position in new ways. 19 .

5 ... BxN eh Because he is parting with one of his Two Bishops, this exchange would be bad for Black except for the fact that he has the possibility of following it up with a sharp variation. If Black plays instead 5 . . B­ K2, the game becomes a sort of orthodox variation of the Queen's Gambit, where White has the extra move P-QR3 in hand. 6 QxB In the Nimzo-Indian, White will usually avoid the doubling of his Pawns where he has a free choice. At this point, even 6 PxB would not lead to a doubled Pawn, as White can always undouble by PxP.

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