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Return Match for the World Chess Championship Botvinnik-Tal by Mikhail Botvinnik PDF

While Mikhail Botvinnik misplaced the realm championship in 1960 to the fantastic attacking participant from Riga, Mikhail Tal, there appeared little probability of him regaining his identify. but within the go back fit a 12 months later, with a stunning demonstration of competitive chess, Botvinnik thoroughly outplayed his younger opponent and ran out the simple winner.

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Kramnik opted for the Sicilian Defense for the second time in this event. He had no problems with obtaining promising counterplay, but again did not manage to win. It looked like the World Champion was outplaying his opponent in the endgame, but this turned out to be an illusion. Leko does not lose such positions. Let’s try to figure out what will happen at the finish of the tournament. Only Kramnik and Topalov have chances for the first prize. I just don’t believe in Leko’s triumph. Kramnik is playing with Adams and Anand on the white side and taking on Morozevich in the last round with Black.

I don’t know whether Topalov raised his eyebrows or not; one way or another after a five-minute reflection he captured the knight. A couple of moves down the road Morozevich resigned – the d-pawn (c-pawn in her girlhood) was about to reach the eighth rank. In keeping with recent tradition, the two other games were not as exciting. Adams and Anand licked their wounds. Having run out of steam by move 23, the outsiders parted quite dissatisfied with their performance. Kramnik opted for the Sicilian Defense for the second time in this event.

Qxa7 to suffer for a pawn, but not for free. Bf5 White has three pawns for a piece and some drawing chances. Bxe4!? c3 Nh5; Michael is trying to turn the table around. Kh1 Qd6?! axb3 Rxd8 almost all the pieces would have gone with the wind. Besides, this endgame would have favored Black because of White’s doubled pawns. However, it is not good enough for Morozevich! Qf3? Mickey has not captured the pawn one more time! Qxa7! ± Black’s idea could have been refuted. Bxd5 It looks like White has outplayed Black.

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