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By Ronald Weinland

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2008-God's ultimate Witness finds the timing of catastrophic end-time occasions that might improve all over the world and bring about the entire loss of life of the us inside years. Ronald Weinland states that 2008 will mark the start of the ultimate occasions that may thrust the realm into the good tribulation (last 3 and one-half years of the end-time), with a view to bring in global warfare III. This final battle may be the results of clashing religions and the governments they sway. Billions will die! This most up-to-date booklet explains end-time prophecies and the explanations such harmful occasions needs to come to move. It additionally tells of God's intervention to avoid wasting mankind from his self-imposed destruction, the tip of man's self-rule, and the start of God's govt being proven over all countries. 2008-God's ultimate Witness is a revelation of the booklet of Revelation. As Ronald Weinland explains, the apostle John was once given the duty of recording prophetic occasions reserved to be printed at this end-time, and he states that he has been given the duty of unveiling the reality approximately these issues John wrote. For 1900 years, nobody has understood these prophecies, earlier! This e-book additionally finds the Seven Thunders of the publication of Revelation, which the apostle John used to be now not allowed to checklist! a type of thunders describes the cave in of the area economic system that's approximately to take place. one other thunder finds the chilling account of the revelation of the 2 end-time witnesses. The apostle John wrote approximately God's witnesses (His end-time prophets) who might start to pronounce plagues upon the earth of a ways better percentage and gear than these in Moses' day in Egypt. All this happens as well as catastrophic end-time occasions and man's ultimate international war.

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It was written, as the name implies, in such a way that one would require God’s own revelation to understand it. For the most part, God was not going to reveal the full meaning contained in it until the time that the Seals began to be opened—when they were no longer sealed. People who read Revelation become entangled in misinterpretations because the Seals have been mostly concealed (except in some very basic ways to God’s own Church). Such is the case of the 144,000. There will be only one great resurrection on the very day that Jesus Christ returns, and this will be the 144,000.

Instead, the period of the Fourth Seal served as a warning that this scattered third would experience a similar devastation as the first two-thirds did. Right now, what happened to the Church during the first four seals may not mean much to you; but it is vitally important due to a prophetic duality concerning great physical destruction (tribulation) on the world, and very specifically, upon the United States. Just as the Church was caught off guard, even though God gave it warning, the world will be caught off guard, even though God will have given it warning.

There are a very few (still living) who will complete the total makeup of God’s new government. The angel, who carried the instruction from God to the first four angels of the Seventh Seal, told them that they could not begin to sound their trumpets until his job was finished. This angel sets the seal of God upon those whom God has finished training and made ready to serve in His new government. As of this very moment, there are some now living, whom God has finished training, who have been sealed.

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