New PDF release: A festschrift for Herman Rubin

By Dasgupta A. (ed.)

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The first claim is that each Ci is locally-λrecurrent. To see this, let N be the λ-null set where S(TB0 < +∞|w) < 1. 1 after time 0 when W0 = w. 1 after time 0 when W0 = w. Therefore the set Ci = B0 ∪ Bi is locally-λ-recurrent. 2, W is locally-λ-recurrent. The application of the above results to the strong-admissibility problem is straightforward. 1) is σ-finite. 22) that is ν-symmetric. Therefore the above theory applies to the Markov chain W = (W0 , W1 , W2 , . ) on Θ∞ defined by R(dθ|η). 1” stated in the introductory section of this paper.

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