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By Afaf Lutfi Al-Sayyid Marsot

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Автор - профессор истории Ближнего и Среднего Востока Калифорнийского Университета - в своей книге даёт краткий курс истории Египта - от завоевания государства арабами, через эпоху мамлюков, объединение Египта в Османской империи, либеральные эксперименты в конституционном правительстве в начале двадцатого столетия, продолжившиеся в годы Насера и Садата, до настоящего времени, характеризующегося появлением новых политических партий, укреплением исламского фундаментализма и постепенного изменения отношения к женщинам.Образцы сканов:

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In desperation at his rampaging army, the caliph sent for the governor of Acre, Badr al-Jamali, an Armenian slave who had risen to high office through his talents. In answer to the caliph’s appeal al-Jamali arrived with his Syrian troops, subdued the mutinous regiments, restored the caliph’s authority and instituted a just and benevolent government. Once again peace and prosperity returned to Egypt. AlJamali called upon builders to come to Cairo and his architects the arab conquest of egypt 23 designed the thick walls and buttressed gates which still surround Fatimi Cairo.

Ruzaiq, the strong man in power, had been murdered and once again rivalry between viziers left the country vulnerable. Rival viziers allied themselves, one to Zanji and one to the Crusaders. On three occasions the armies of these two states invaded Egypt; on the last occasion in 1169 the Syrians of Zanji came to Egypt as allies to oust the Crusaders. During that campaign the city of Fustat was set on fire by the vizier as part of a scorchedearth policy to make it of little use to the Crusaders, and for fifty-four days the city was said to have burned with twenty thousand barrels of naphtha.

Without a the age of the mamluks 45 leader, faced with cannon and guns and led by a second-in-command who counselled surrender, many of the mamluks ran from the battlefield to carry the tale of defeat back to their countrymen. Al-Ghuri had indeed been killed on the battlefield, but the rumour had been spread before his death by Khair Bey and may indeed have caused his death when his forces ran from battle. Back in Egypt the mamluks elected a new leader. They chose one of al-Ghuri’s former slaves, a man named Tuman Bey.

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