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A Mathematical Pandora's field has been written based on the good fortune of Brian Bolt's prior mathematical puzzle books. via his personal event, the writer has found a global curiosity in those and comparable puzzles. not just do they stimulate inventive considering yet they could additionally open up new parts of arithmetic to the reader. This ebook includes 142 actions: as well as puzzles, there are video games, methods, versions and causes of varied phenomena. they vary from quantity manipulation, via satisfied and amicable numbers, coin puzzles, picnicking bears and pentominoes, to construction shapes with cubes. a few of the puzzles date from thousands of years in the past whereas many others are unique, giving every person whatever to contemplate. there's a particular statement on the finish of the booklet, giving ideas and reasons, including the occasional follow-up challenge.

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When all the counters are on the board, play continues by players moving their pieces, one at a time, to any vacant adjacent point along a line. 54 Piling up the ancestors! Suppose that, going back in time, you have a new generation of ancestors on average every 25 years. Then 25 years ago you had 2 ancestors, your parents 50 years ago you had 4 ancestors, your grandparents 75 years ago you had 8 ancestors, your great-grandparents and so on, doubling every 25 years. This argument suggests that 2000 years ago you would have had 2 8 0 ancestors.

94 Cross out nine digits Given the addition sum 111 333 + 555 777 999 you are challenged to cross out nine of the digits so that the total of the numbers remaining is 1111. The solution is not unique. See how many ways you can doit. 51 95 A sequential challenge 5 1 18 12 14 4 13 7 19 16 20 6 The sequence of twelve integers shown contains within it some increasing sequences of five numbers (for example 5, 12, 13, 19, 20) and a decreasing sequence of five numbers (18, 14, 13, 7, 6). Rearrange the numbers so that the sequence you form does not contain any increasing or decreasing sequences of five numbers.

Given that Mr Babbage is younger than his wife, can you find the years in which each of the three were born? 69 Which way to Birminster's spire? The church spires of Ablethorpe, Birminster, Canchester and Dukesbury are each visible from the others on a clear day. The spire of Ablethorpe church is the same distance from Birminster's as Canchester's is from Birminster's, and Dukesbury's from Canchester's. Furthermore, the church spires of Canchester and Dukesbury are the same distance from Ablethorpe's as Birminster's is from Dukesbury's.

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