Download e-book for iPad: A Passionate Marriage (Hot-Blooded Husbands) by Michelle Reid, Junko Murata

By Michelle Reid, Junko Murata

ISBN-10: 0373123078

ISBN-13: 9780373123070

Isobel and her legal professional are on their method to meet together with her husband, Leandros, a businessman, to finish their marriage. It’s been 3 years in view that I left him and through that point I by no means heard from him. yet now he contacts me in basic terms to dossier for divorce. "I don’t wish any of your funds, so let’s finish this once possible." That’s what I intended to inform him, but if I see him, my husband acts strangely... this is often the ultimate bankruptcy of the four-book sequence Hot-Blooded Husbands. That couple reappears, to boot!

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C. to visit his broken-hearted ex? I hate you, her eyes informed him while the anger sang in her blood. She didn't speak, she didn't want to. And as they stared at each other along half the length of his impressive boardroom table the silence screamed like a banshee in everyone's ears. His uncle Takis was there but she refused to look at him. Lester Miles stood somewhere behind her, watchful and silent as the grave. Leandros didn't make a single move to come and greet her, his dark eyes drifting over her as if they were looking at a snake.

Clive had just smiled at her burst of annoyance, touched a soothing hand to her angry cheek and said innocently, 'I am here for your mother. ' But she had been far from pleased or grateful. Too many people seemed to believe they had a right to interfere in her life. Clive insisted the trip to Athens fitted in with his plans for a much-needed break. Her mother insisted it made her feel more secure to have a man like Clive around. Isobel thought there was a conspiracy between the two of them, which involved Clive keeping an eye on her in case she went totally off the rails when she met up with Leandros again.

She chose to take the seat right opposite him. As she pulled the chair out his gaze moved to the smooth length of her slender neck, then up to the perfect shell-like shape of her ear, and his teeth came together with a snap. One cat-like lick of that ear and all of that cool composure would melt like wax to her dainty feet, he mused lusciously. He knew her, he knew her likes and dislikes, he knew every single erogenous zone, had been the one to take her on that journey of glorious discovery. He knew how to make her beg, cling, cry out his name in a paroxysm of ecstasy.

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