Download e-book for kindle: A Sculptor's Manual by Bainbridge Copnall and Fabio Barraclough (Auth.)

By Bainbridge Copnall and Fabio Barraclough (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0080155774

ISBN-13: 9780080155777

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In this case I cut off the head of Christ and recarved it, also I added 4 in. to the figures which I felt improved the proportion when seen from the ground. On finishing the outer surface of the wood it was then hollowed out from the back, screwed up, painted white and lastly gilded with gold leaf. This was a great experience, much was learned, and more commissions followed, each of them bringing their own particular problems. The next one, another hanging rood but not hollow this time, was more a problem of design as it was to be carved in a conventional, geometrical manner in order to conform to the very modern church in which it was to hang.

If the rollers are to travel on planks, the object has to be raised (by the method earlier described) by planks inserted below the distance-pieces, and the weight returned to these. Stage m o v e l . Ease up the front endof the base with the crowbar, using the heel as fulcrum. Remove forward distance-piece and insert number 1 roller just behind the middle of the base, and number 2 at the front of the base. ) Remove the second distance-piece and ease the object along the crowbar, keeping it steady by hand-hold.

Choosing them perhaps for their colour and texture and turning them into things of beauty. There is not much one can say when giving advice regarding the carving of wood in this way. The first thing a student must experience is the joy of creation within him; he must feel the wish to carve and to try out different kinds of tools, the straight chisel, the many shaped gouges, the rifflers, the drills, the sanding discs and lambswool polishers. He must experiment with the use of mechanical drills with cable extensions, and bits for smoothing or shaping the hollows or holes, and last of all with the linseed oil and wax for finishing.

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