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By Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Anne McCaffrey

Aari has back! Now he and his lifemate, the courageous and lovely Acorna, can end rebuilding their once-decimated homeworld. but Aari's travels via time have left him oddly replaced, and he slightly recalls Acorna or their love. And as Aari's activities flip extra sinister, Acorna needs to shift her consciousness to preventing the destruction of innocents by way of a vicious felony. it really is exactly the type of weak point and confusion the scary Khleevi were hoping for, because the brutal insectile oppressors set in movement their ultimate invasion and the whole destruction of the Linyaari and the conquest in their global. notwithstanding Acorna's middle is wounded, her braveness and resolution needs to stay powerful during this darkish time -- for less than then will she be ready to rescue the Aari she is familiar with and adores, and halt the bloodthirsty alien threat for solid and for all.

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Listen to me. Death is not the end. This is what I’ve discovered. We remain, we persist. The dead see that I’m one of them. They’re all around me. You can’t see them, but they’re here. Mothers with children, old women—everyone’s here. ” Outside, the famous harbor was full of ships. Merchant vessels were tied up to a long quay alongside barges and wooden caiques. Farther out, the Allied warships lay at anchor. The sight of them, for the Greek and Armenian citizens of Smyrna (and the thousands and thousands of Greek refugees), was reassuring, and whenever a rumor circulated—yesterday an Armenian newspaper had claimed that the Allies, eager to make amends for their support of the Greek invasion, were planning to hand the city over to the victorious Turks—the citizens looked out at the French destroyers and British battleships, still on hand to protect European commercial interests in Smyrna, and their fears were calmed.

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