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After university studying actions makes a speciality of construction be aware abilities, vocabulary, and studying comprehension via actions which are relaxing in addition to academic. meant to stimulate curiosity in studying with approachable, usually hands-on routines, this e-book is a distinct device to exploit as extension, enrichment, take-home tasks, or as a part of your school room curriculum.

The age-appropriate and grade-appropriate fabrics aid nationwide examining criteria. every one job makes a speciality of an critical be aware or examining ability, or on pertinent vocabulary. The projects will stimulate students' creativity whereas supplying perform with vital analyzing skills.

This publication additionally includes a set of flash playing cards that current high-interest vocabulary and definitions. they're guaranteed to develop into an often-used a part of your software. Use them in teams or as someone drill.

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Extra info for After School Reading Activities, Grade 3

Sample text

Brown if you have to change the last letter and add es to make the word plural. Red if the word is irregular when forming the plural. chimney snowflake house sled toy star dress game girl suit bell glass doll match toymaker ax boot tree elf car sketch boy address berry party ld chi man by ba truck bag shelf ©©McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing School Specialty Publishing cherry woma n orn am en t deer belt boss scarf workbench hat compass pole ro of to p candy 35 kiss watch 0-7424-1773-5 After School Reading Activities Name ________________ Date ___________ Compound Words A Backyard Football Game Use the words in the box to complete the activities below.

1. in the place __________ 8. belonging to something __________ 2. means it is __________ 9. an insect __________ 3. trees provide this __________ 10. means they are __________ 4. to use a needle __________ and thread __________ 11. in that case 5. did ride __________ 6. belonging to them __________ 7. a street 12. is willing to __________ 13. woman married __________ to your uncle __________ Read each sentence. Write the missing word on the line. 14. The neighbors say ______________________ planning a barbecue.

Public ©©McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing School Specialty Publishing Down 1. attractive 2. giant 3. honor 4. strong 6. original 7. separate 8. dirty 55 0-7424-1773-5 After School Reading Activities Name ________________ Date ___________ Careers Doing Our Job Use the Word Bank to circle the hidden career in each sentence. The first one is done for you. Word Bank actor athlete cook doctor driver fireman governor inventor minister singer tailor teacher 1. Erasing errors makes a student’s work neater.

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