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Table File... Description The adecopyright command accepts a list of one or more input copyright keyword files and displays a comprehensive expanded copyright file to STDOUT. Table file to determine the productID for the copyright file. Table File Specifies the full path location of the copyright master keyword file. Specifies the lpp_name (BFF). Table file. Specifies the full path of the option key file(s) for substitution. table The copyright master keyword file is required and will include a master list of valid keywords with substitution text.

Three attributes can be added: setuid (SUID), setgid (SGID) and savetext (SVTX). For a complete discussion refer to the Access Control Lists. Note: If the acledit command is operating in a trusted path, the editor must have the trusted process attribute set. Security Access Control: This command should be a standard user command and have the trusted computing base attribute. Files Accessed: Mode x x 16 File /usr/bin/aclget /usr/bin/aclput Commands Reference, Volume 1 Auditing Events: If the auditing subsystem has been properly configured and is enabled, the acledit command will generate the following audit record (event) every time the command is executed: Event FILE_Acl Information Lists access controls.

2. To copy the access control information of the plans file to the status file, enter: aclget plans | aclput status This copies the access control information. 3. To save the access control information of the plans file in the acl1 file to edit and use later, enter: 18 Commands Reference, Volume 1 aclget -o acl1 plans Files /usr/bin/aclget Contains the aclget command. Related Information The acledit command, aclput command, chmod command. 1 System User’s Guide: Operating System and Devices. 1 System Management Concepts: Operating System and Devices explains more about audits and audit events.

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