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By Aleister Crowley

ISBN-10: 0971887004

ISBN-13: 9780971887008

Главные инструкции о ведении магического дневника (важной практики системы научного иллюминизма), включая работу «Джон Ст. Джонс», опубликованную в Эквиноксе, 1909г. «Мастер Храма» - текст, взятый из магического дневника Брата Ахада и другие.

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20. Breakfast. Hatha Yogi frettes. 53. Have been meditating in Hanged Man position. Thought dull and wandering; yet once "the conception of the Glowing Fire" seen as a planet (perhaps Mars). Just enough to destroy the concentration; then it went out, dammit! 40. Have attended to correspondence and other business and drunk a citron presse. The Voice of the Nadi began to resound. 50. Have done "Bornless One" in Asana. Good; yet I am filled with utter despair at the hopelessness of the Task. Especially do I get the Buddhist feeling, not only that Asana is intensely painful, but that all conceivable positions of the body are so.

I MUST. (MT, p . 149) Of course, as a symbol of one's adherence to the Great Introduction / xxxvii Work, the diary can easily become a symbol or object of rebellion as well. In Diary of a Drug Fiend, Crowley brilliantly illustrates the stage of revulsion: to the practice, the Teacher, and the spiritual life in general. Note, however, the tenacious undercurrent of the Will, as Lou somehow insists on going on with her hated mentor's instructions, even in the face of her determination to commit suicide.

I now drink a final coffee and retire, to do I hope a more straightforward type of meditation. So mote it be. Naked, Maryt looks like Corregio's Antiope. Her eyes are a strange grey, and her hair a very wonderful reddish gold - a colour I have never seen before and cannot properly describe. She has Jewish blood in her, I fancy; this, and her method of illustrating the axiom Post coitum animal triste made me think of Baudelaire's Une nuit que j'etais pres d'une affreuse Juive: and the last line Obscurcir la splendeur des tes fraides prunelles.

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Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary by Aleister Crowley

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