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For example, in October 2010 someone noticed that within a screenshot of extra footage from a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film, a woman appears to be talking on a cell phone. Skeptics say these are cases of mistaken identity, where one thing simply looks like another in an old, usually grainy photo. But believers argue that no good reason exists to doubt such intriguing photographic evidence of time travel by people of the future. Other Dimensions Still another theory based on the idea that the “aliens” are not actually extraterrestrials relies on a belief in other dimensions.

In either case the experience is said to have ended abruptly, and afterward most abductees cannot remember anything about what happened. Some believe this is because the aliens blocked the person’s memory. Abductee and ufologist Budd Hopkins offers a possible reason for this: Memory blocks may . . have to do with the abductee’s role as a “human specimen” unwittingly being studied over a period of years. If people are being picked up as children, implanted with monitoring devices, and abducted a second time after puberty, at the very least the first abduction would have to be concealed.

The witness saw aliens inside the spacecraft, peering through windows at the tube. In March 1978 off the coast of Guaiuba, Brazil, a man saw a similar craft putting a tube into the ocean, but in this case 2 3-foot-tall (91cm) aliens came out of the craft to manipulate the tube. More recently, in March 2001, 2 men saw a disc-shaped UFO hovering over Brazil’s River Tocantins, and standing on its outer hull was a 4-foot-tall (122cm) alien dangling a hose into the water. In many cases witnesses describe the tube as being attached to a mechanical device or box rather than directly to the ship.

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