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Masking 580 species present in the U.S. and Canada west of the a centesimal Meridian, the American Museum of typical historical past Birds of North the USA Western Region is the one advisor to take advantage of an absolutely built-in photographic method of profile the intense diversity of birds normally visible west around the nice Plains and West Coast.

Ideal for birdwatchers and chook fanatics of all ages, and together with details on habit, nesting, and habitat, the American Museum of common heritage Birds of North the US Western Region contains targeted sections on species came upon purely within the Southwest and for species which are unusual or fairly restricted in distribution.

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Crecca (Eurasia), A. c. carolinensis (North America), and A. c. nimia (Aleutian Islands). Carolinensis males have a conspicuous vertical white bar, whereas Eurasian crecca males do not. VOICE Male call a high-pitched, slightly rolling crick crick, similar to cricket; female a call quiet quack. NESTING Shallow scrape on ground lined with nearby vegetation, often placed in dense vegetation near water; 6–9 eggs; 1 brood; April–September. FEEDING Eats seeds, aquatic insects, crustaceans, and mollusks year-round; also feeds in grain fields in winter.

VOICE A series of five soft hoots; also a hiss, growl, and cluck; females emit a whinnying cry. NESTING Shallow scrape, usually lined with dead grass, leaves, or other plants, located under shrubs, against rocks or logs; 7–10 eggs; 1 brood; March–May. FEEDING Feeds on leaves, flowers, fruit, also some insects; evergreen needles, buds, and cones in season. FLIGHT: loud, short-distance flight with rapid wing beats before gliding to the ground. FREEZING FOR SAFETY This female Dusky Grouse stands still as a statue, relying on camouflage, not flight, for protection.

Frontalis) makes up the largest population, breeding in extreme northwestern Canada and Alaska. The “tule” (A. a. gambeli), while the larger, occurs in smaller numbers, and is restricted in range to north-central Canada. VOICE Laugh-like klow-yo or klew-yo-yo; very musical in a flock. NESTING Bowl-shaped nest made of plant material, lined with down, constructed near water; 3–7 eggs; 1 brood; May–August. FEEDING Eats sedges, grasses, berries, and plants on both land and water in summer; feeds on grasses, seeds, and grains in winter.

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