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Return Match for the World Chess Championship Botvinnik-Tal - download pdf or read online

While Mikhail Botvinnik misplaced the area championship in 1960 to the brilliant attacking participant from Riga, Mikhail Tal, there appeared little probability of him regaining his identify. but within the go back fit a 12 months later, with a stunning demonstration of competitive chess, Botvinnik thoroughly outplayed his younger opponent and ran out the straightforward winner.

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It’s Black’s Turn Now the black’s queen is only attacking the b5 pawn. Of course it is not enough for a so powerful piece. That’s why black needs to create more weaknesses in the white’s position. Qb8-e4. fe 57 XABCDEFGHY 8-wQ-+-+-+( 7zp-+q+-zpk' 6-+-+-+-+& 5+P+-+p+-% 4-+-+P+-zP$ 3+-+-+-mK-# 2-+-+-+-+" 1+-+-+-+-! xabcdefghy the situation becomes more open and now the queen has a lot of objects of an attack. Kf2-Qh4 black took all the white’s king-side pawns with tempos. Kf3 XABCDEFGHY 8-wQ-+-+-+( 7zp-+-+-zpk' 6-+-+-+-+& 5+P+-+p+-% 4-+-+-+-wq$ 3+-+-+K+-# 2-+-+-+-+" 1+-+-+-+-!

Though White Didn’t Use His Passed Pawn Until The End, This Threat Has Wielded Powerful Influence On The Whole Game! It helped white to keep an opponent under a constant pressure and to almost paralyze him. The next type of passed pawns is a distant passed pawn. It implies that a passed pawn or a potential passed pawn is on another side of the board comparing to an opponent’s king. XABCDEFGHY 8-+-+-+k+( 7+p+-+p+p' 6-+-+p+p+& 5+-+-+-+-% 4-+-+-+-+$ 3+-+-+-zP-# 2PzP-+-zP-zP" 1+-+-+-mK-! xabcdefghy White: Kg1, Pawns: a2, b2, f2, g3, h2 Black: Kg8, Pawns: b7, e6, f7, g6, h7 It’s White Turn In this position white has a distant passed pawn on the queen-side.

Ke6 will play pay Rg7 and Rg8 mate. The next piece we will talk about is… The QUEEN Same with all other pieces a queen is the most active in a center. In a middlegame, however, it is usually bad to centralize a queen, because an opponent can attack it. Therefore there is a rule: The more pieces you trade, the more centralized your queen should be. When you have only a few pieces on the board, you should place a queen into a center. 56 As you know a queen can attack in many different directions.

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