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By Rudolf Steiner

ISBN-10: 0880104090

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This contemporary translation of a masterwork of esotericism locations humankind on the very center of the giant, invisible techniques of cosmic evolution. after we use the time period typical technology do not we suggest that we're facing wisdom of nature?

Esoteric technological know-how is the technology of what happens esoterically, within the experience that it truly is perceived no longer open air in nature yet the place one's soul turns whilst it directs its internal being towards the spirit. Esoteric technology is the other and counterpart of usual technological know-how. —Rudolf Steiner

As important and correct as whilst it used to be first released in 1910, this masterpiece of esoteric, Rudolf Steiner labored and remodeled on rosicrucian cosmology for a few years to make it more and more distinctive and actual. This paintings is still the simplest presentation to this point of a non secular substitute to modern materialist cosmologies and the Darwinian view of human nature and evolution.

In this easy paintings of non secular technology, readers learn the way the construction and evolution of humanity is embedded on the center of the gigantic, invisible net of interacting cosmic beings, via whom the alchemical procedures of cosmic evolution spread. There also are descriptions of a few of the our bodies of the person, their dating to sleep and loss of life, and an in depth, sensible advisor to the tools or routines, together with the Rose go Meditation,'' wherein such initiation wisdom will be attained.

Most outstanding and innovative of all, probably, is the imperative functionality that Rudolf Steiner allots to the Christ and to the doorway of Christ into earthly evolution during the secret of Golgotha.

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Nothing external has access to the part of the human soul we are looking at now. This is the soul’s “hidden shrine,” and only a being that is of the same nature as the soul can gain entrance there. The God who dwells within the human being begins to speak when the soul recognizes itself as an I. Just as the sentient and mind souls dwell in the outer world, a third soul element immerses itself in the divine when the soul achieves perception of its own being. It is easy to misunderstand this view as a declaration that the I and God are one and the same.

Then came a time when this “life force” was removed from the stock of scientific concepts, and people tried to explain everything in terms of mere physical and chemical causes. More recently, however, a reaction against this has again set in among some scientific thinkers. In some quarters, it is admitted that assuming the existence of something like a “life force” is not total nonsense after all. However, even scientists who deign to admit this possibility will not want to make common cause with the view of the “life body” that has been presented here.

In this case, too, they can speak only out of their own merit, which is apparent to any unbiased person, and make it evident that they supplement the life forces and strength for life of anyone who immerses him or herself in them in the right way. Such efforts cannot turn a person into a dreamer or someone who is alienated from the world; the strength they provide comes from the sources of life that are the origin of the soul and spiritual parts of us. Still other obstacles may confront many people when they first approach an esoteric scientific search.

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