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Unique discoveries within the endgame unearthed via Britain's prime professional and global championship challenger.

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Whilst Mikhail Botvinnik misplaced the realm championship in 1960 to the brilliant attacking participant from Riga, Mikhail Tal, there appeared little probability of him regaining his name. but within the go back fit a yr later, with a stunning demonstration of competitive chess, Botvinnik thoroughly outplayed his younger opponent and ran out the simple winner.

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Julian' s rock solid reply reveals the folly of my last move, and I simply go into hari-kiri mode. 1 7 . . JLd7 1 9 Ci'Je6! Strong, although Black' s position is a terrible eye sore anyway. 1 9 . . JLd8 ? JLh6 Me8 2 2 g4 ! Blasting open the king ' s position as well. With so many positional weaknesses, it is almost a relief to be getting mated too . 22 . . JLxg7 �xg7 25 g5 Ci'Jg4 26 Mxh7+ rJi;g8 27 nh5 ! Ci'Je5 28 Mahl Ci'Jxd3 29 rJi;xd3 Mxe6 30 :h8+ rJilg7 31 J: l h7+ �g6 32 Md7 Me3+! The first o f two horrible losses to Julian mentioned in the book.

Agdestein-Djurhuus, Norwegian (ch) play-off 2000. Black wants to bother the knight on g3 and create critical play in which White will be inconvenienced by his bishop being tied to the defence of b2 . However, the knight can also head for e3 , and b6 is in other respects not the natural square for furthering ambitions on the kingside. e2 'Dbd7 ( 1 4 . . h4 ! ) I S 'iVc2 h4 1 6 'Dfl h3 ! ( 1 6 . . 'DhS ? 1 7 g4 ! h3 20 'Dd l ! d7 22 0--0 l:lac8 23 a4 c4 24 'it'g2 the play is very complex, but White seems to be faring quite well in the battle for squares.

D6 1 3 �b5 �xh2 14 4:Je2 b6 1 5 "fixc7 �xc7 1 6 4:Jbd4 'it>e7) 1 0 . . c2 b4 2 1 cxb4 ':xb4 and Black, since move ten, has consistently opted for the most ambitious deployment of his forces available, and he has got away with it and enjoys a great position. That was Miladinovic­ Kolev, Skopje (op), 2002. 8 . . d5 Definitely the most reliable choice However, are there here. alternatives, two of them rather dubious, but two others sharp, ambitious and worthy of attention: a) S . . g6? Joe Gallagher quotes a game with this move with a view to suggesting that 7 .

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