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By Gerald Massey

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This can be half 2 of the Gerald Masseys paintings concerning the comparisons among the Judeo-Christian faith and the Egyptian faith. nobody ever understood the mythology and formality of historical Egypt so good as Gerald Massey because the time of the traditional Philosophers of Egypt. This ebook is likely one of the better of its style and a must have for each pupil of Egyptian mythology and background.

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Salvation from the deluge in the under-world is sought for by the Manes in the ark, whether called the ark of Osiris, or Ra, or Nnu. The experience attributed to Osiris as the god in Amenta, is also assigned to the soul of the deceased. In setting by night into the waters, the sun-god entered into the ark of earth, which is called his coffin or sarcophagus, in which he was enclosed by Sut, the power of darkness. In one form this was figured as the coffin-mountain, or neb-ankh, that was represented by the hill, Bakhu, the dimensions of which are given in the Ritual (ch.

The divine fulfiller of the millennium in “the house of a thousand years,” or in any other period, will no more come in person during the next 13,000 years than it was possible for him to manifest that way in the past half of the present cycle of 26,000 years. A knowledge of the facts constitutes the sole data of the truth, and such knowledge will ultimately put an end to the great delusion of the false faith that was founded in the uttermost ignorance of the astronomical facts. In the great year of precession there are seven stations of the celestial pole, six of which are still identifiable in the constellations of Draconis, the Lesser Bear, Kepheus, Cygnus, Lyra, and Herakles.

This is the Satan worshipped by the Izedis in Mesopotamia, for whom there is to be a restoration as well as a fall, which points to an astronomical origin in both aspects of the character. Sut, in the Ritual (ch. 175), is proclaimed as having been the first in glory. ” He was first as primary power of the pole, the first to sit upon “the mount of congregation” as the “most high” in “the uttermost parts of the north,” or at the pole of heaven. Hence he was the reputed author of astronomy. Thus, when the pole-star of Sut in the jackal (or the hippopotamus) had fallen away from the true pole and 590 lost its place as guide of ways in heaven, there was matter for the legend of a fall as a fable founded on a fact in the astronomical mythology.

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