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Return Match for the World Chess Championship Botvinnik-Tal - download pdf or read online

Whilst Mikhail Botvinnik misplaced the realm championship in 1960 to the incredible attacking participant from Riga, Mikhail Tal, there appeared little probability of him regaining his identify. but within the go back fit a 12 months later, with a stunning demonstration of competitive chess, Botvinnik thoroughly outplayed his younger opponent and ran out the straightforward winner.

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Xa6 t'bxf8 h5 It is not even that the material situation is in White's favour; Black cannot do anything. Now after the best continuation 15 . . txa7, when White has not only three pawns for a piece, but also dangerous pressure. Black, however, is tempted by a seemingly more active move, which, alas, runs into a tactical blow. Vd5 t'bf6 and l 9 . . xb5), but his plan is refitted by a queen sacrifice. tb3 d5 'ifxb2 ltJe6 h4 t'bd8 After other knight moves there follows 24 d6, and the passed pawn cannot be stopped.

Fxg4 24 'iixe4 gxt3 25 'i'xf3 to get away with the loss of a pawn. 23 • • • . b6 followed by . . nfeld. fdl and, as is now considered best, 10 e4), White plays for complications - and wrongly, as this should have led to an advantage for Black. ixd4+ 'ifb6 A superficial move. It only remained for Black to play 1 8 . . d? and then . . c6, when I would have been forced totally onto the defensive. Now, however, White breaks through onto the eighth rank, and this immediately places the black king in a critical position.

E6 l:tac8 21 22 l::ta l 22 ... �c7 This natural urge to block the c-file leads inevitably to an ending where Black is a pawn up. c4 Creating a passed pawn and exposing the white king. 13 ·. . xcJ! White cannot reply 14 bxc3 , as after 14 . : l£ie4 his position is indefensible. Therefore he has to give up a pawn. c2 �cl Itel dxc4 ltbS+ tlld5 cl Black's main objective is to penetrate with his rook onto the second rank. Shebarshin Leningrad Championship Semi-Final 1926 tt:lb4 Not 27 . Uxc3, but now 28 .

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