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If you can’t ­determine the exact date, approximate (for example, giving the month and year). S. S. Six Months or (Month/Day/Year) More? S. s. citizenship? ) If you’re required to complete three years of permanent residence, then you must have spent one and a half of those years (18 months) physically present in the United States. Example 1: Jorge was approved for his green card as a skilled worker. S. citizen­ ship. During those five years, he takes several business trips outside of the United States, adding up to two year’s total time.

Renew your card before applying for citizenship. Instructions for renewal are in Chapter 3. How Long Have You Been a Permanent Resident? To determine how many years you’ve been a ­permanent resident, calculate from the date that the INS or USCIS approved your permanent residence—it’s shown on your green card, as seen in the picture below. As you calculate the time, don’t round it off to calendar years. In other words, four years, 11 months, and 20 days does not equal five years. When it comes to determining the date at which you can a­ pply for citizenship, USCIS wants you to count full 365-day years.

Citizen for more than three months prior to obtaining permanent residency, you can file early. s. S. citizen), and applied for permanent residence the day after their marriage. By some miracle, her local USCIS office wasn’t busy, and her application was ­approved the next day. Two years and 275 days later (three years minus 90 days), Edna applies for citizenship. Edna’s local USCIS won’t accept her application, insisting that she must wait until she’s been married to Edric for a full three years.

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