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Thus, they could not be used to draw more detailed conclusions on the quantitative characteristics of the karst voids related to the water storage. This example showed in a drastic manner that in this case the storage capacity of the karst medium was not large, although it referred to the bare, well-developed karst of Herzegovina. The fourth method used for the determination of effective porosity ne is based on the application of the Theis equation of the logarithmic approximation for non-stationary flow during the pumping process.

C expresses the flow in the irregular channel system of karst and B denotes the flow in the cracked blocks with a network of fine fissures. 6. During heavy rains, the groundwater levels in the underground channels rise more rapidly than the levels in the surrounding karst mass, thus causing the water to flow from the channels into the karst mass. During long-lasting dry periods the water flows in the opposite direction_ The groundwater levels in the channels are lower and they drain the water from the surrounding karst areas.

Ng crocked subcutaneous one ne V- at lo'Aer crocking karst channel ( zone ot lost water circulation) t;/:: ;Yg/g, 50 t--- 'C Piezome0 Fig. 9A,B. Thermic profile A in two piezometers B dependent on their position in the karst. (Drogue 1980) karstification processes. It is, thus, a zone of carbonate rocks, directly affected by climatologic factors. This zone is primarily important for the development and explanation of hydrologic processes, as presented by Drogue's structure model (1980).

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